…I would like to draw attention to a New Yorker article that is excellent in its brevity.
The subject: newspapers, whose death seems inexplicable to those of who, watching the numbers from the inside,  realize our product is in greater use than it has been in many years.
The moral of the story goes well beyond the ink-stained realm:

Usually, when an industry runs into the kind of trouble that Levitt was talking about, it’s because people are abandoning its products. But people don’t use the Times less than they did a decade ago. They use it more. The difference is that today they don’t have to pay for it. The real problem for newspapers, in other words, isn’t the Internet; it’s us. We want access to everything, we want it now, and we want it for free. That’s a consumer’s dream, but eventually it’s going to collide with reality: if newspapers’ profits vanish, so will their product.

It’s a good, and an easy, read. go check it out.