I’m not sure how much sports will really be talked about here, but I need to vent. It’s hard times to be a Cowboys fan. Ever since I watched the heady early 90s teams with my Dad, I’ve loved them Cowboys. But yesterday’s game may well have been the absolute low point in my entire run. For a team with such expectations to turn in that lousy of a performance with the playoffs on the line, with as much money as they are shelling out to low- and non-performing “stars”… it just boggles the mind. So here’s a list from one fan, 3 things to save the Dallas Cowboys (assuming that I can’t fire Jerry Jones):

1. Fire Wade Phillips, replace him with an asshole- He’s everyone’s friend, and therefore has no control of his team.

2. T.O. needs to be gone- Roy Williams can be developed into a legitimate #1, and Crayton is a fine #2. T.O. is locker room trouble who DROPS BALLS.

3. Tony Romo- the problem with Romo is that he is 85% the best QB in the league and 15% undrafted rookie going nowhere. Convince Romo to minimize mistakes, possibly by reducing passes, and mold this team around the again healthy Felix Jones and Marion Barber. Ask Romo to be Ben Roethlisberger, not Peyton Manning, and he might be able to handle the pressure.

Not that any of this will happen. With that new 100,000 seat stadium opening next year, Jerry Jones is going to want to go high profile and glitzy. He’ll have no one to blame but himself for their 2009 7-9 record.